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Department of Politics and International Relations

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Editor, Global Policy: Next Generation

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Dr Gregory Stiles
Department of Politics and International Relations
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Gregory Stiles joined the Department in September 2022 having finished his PhD at the University of Leeds in August 2022. His doctoral research focused upon the role of the Group of 7 (G7) in managing international order and the development of the English School approach to International Relations Theory. He has published on the role of mapping and visualisation in shaping the response to pandemics, the role of publishing in shaping the future of Early Career Researchers, and on the innovative nature of participatory teaching in global leadership programmes.

  • BA in International Relations and Politics, TUoS
  • MA in European Law, Governance & Politics, TUoS
  • MA in Social Research, TUoS
Research interests

My thesis focused upon the evolution of the G7 and its role in managing international order alongside an updating of contemporary 'English School' approaches to understanding world politics. This is done through a return to the 'Old School' thinking within the British Committee and early thinkers within the School (such as Coral Bell, Martin Wight, Herbert Butterfield, Hedley Bull and Adam Watson). I also have a keen interest in developing and promoting the work of Early Career Researchers through mentoring and guidance in the academic publishing process which is facilitated through my role as the Editor of Global Policy: Next Generation, an ECR focused issue of the journal Global Policy.


Journal articles


ESRC 1+3 Doctoral Research grant

Teaching interests

My teaching interests are particularly focused upon topics such as International Relations Theory, the 'English School' approach to IR, global security, and foreign policy. However I also have an interest in providing students with the study skills to thrive at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level and in developing academic pedagogy in providing such teaching.

Teaching activities
  • POL120 Analysing Politics
  • POL6004 Understanding Politics
  • Study Skills programme for all Level 1 Undergraduate students.

In the past he has taught International Relations Theory, Introduction to Security Studies, Contemporary Security Challenges, Oppression and Resistance and U.S. Foreign Policy at the University of Sheffield. He has also taught U.S. Foreign Policy and Security Studies at the University of Leeds.

Professional activities and memberships

I am the Editor of Global Policy: Next Generation an annual ECR focused issue of the journal Global Policy.