Dr Kate Dommett

Department of Politics and International Relations

Senior Lecturer

Academic staff member Dr Kate Dommett
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Dr Kate Dommett
Department of Politics and International Relations
Elmfield Building
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I am a senior lecturer in the Department and my research focuses on digital campaigning, democratic politics and data use. I am interested in how politics is being changed by the uptake of digital technology, and how democratic institutions are adapting to use online affordances. My recent research has looked at the rise of political advertising on Facebook, the way political parties are using digital technology, and how regulators are responding to rapid technological change. My previous work looked at political parties and how they are viewed by the public.

Much of my research and teaching is driven by a desire to solve real world problems, using academic insights to inform policy development and practices around the uptake of digital tools. I am currently serving as Special Advisor to the House of Lords Select Committee on Democracy and Digital Technology. I also have experience working with the media and have had my research featured on BBC Radio 4, BBC News at 10, BBC Radio 5Live, France 24 and elsewhere.

Research interests

My research looks at the relationship between citizens and the state in contemporary democracies, particularly looking at how this is affected by digital technology. I have a long standing interest in political parties and campaigning. At the moment I'm looking at the way that digital technology is being used in elections and by democratic organisations, asking questions including:

  • How is digital technology being used in elections?
  • What democratic goals should inform the use and regulation of digital technology? And how is the ‘problem’ technology poses for democracy currently understood by different audiences?
  • How should digital campaigning be regulated? And what actions should the government, companies, individuals and campaigners take?
  • What does good digital citizenship look like, and how can it be advanced?

Find out more about my research on digital technology.

Key projects

  • 2020 - 2023: 'Data-driven campaigns: intended and unintended consequences for democracy [DATADRIVEN]’, Norface 'Democratic Governance in a Turbulent Age', €1,06 million Euro. 
  • 2020 - 2023: 'Understanding Online Political Advertising: Perceptions, Uses and Regulation', Leverhulme Foundation Project Grant, £390,215.
  • 2016 'Renewing Party Politics? Digital Innovations in Political Campaigning', ESRC Future Leaders, £185,372
  • 2017 'The Challenge of Party Membership', ESRC Impact Accelerator Funding, £21,710
  • 2018 'The Challenges of Studying Political Campaigning in the Digital Realm', British Academy Rising Stars, £13,201.97

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