Dr Felicity Matthews - Full List of Publications


  • Matthews F (2013) Complexity, Fragmentation and Uncertainty – Governmental Capacity in an Evolving Polity.. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Journal articles


  • Flinders M & Matthews F (2012) Party Patronage in the United Kingdom: A Pendulum of Public Appointments*, Party Patronage and Party Government in European Democracies
  • Matthews F & Flinders M (2012) United Kingdom In Kopecký P, Mair P & Spirova M (Ed.), Party Patronage and Party Government in European Democracies Oxford University Press
  • Matthews F (2012) Crisis as a Fundamental of Executive Politics in the Twenty-First Century In Lodge M & Wegrich K (Ed.), Executive Politics in Times of Crisis Palgrave Macmillan
  • Matthews F (2012) Governance and State Capacity In Levi-Faur D (Ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Governance Oxford University Press, USA
  • Matthews F & Flinders M (2011) Multi-level Governance In Badie B, Berg-Schlosser D & Morlino L (Ed.), International Encyclopedia of Political Science SAGE
  • Matthews F & Flinders M (2007) Rebuilding Strategic Capacity? Multi-Level Governance, Leadership and Public Service Agreements in Britain’ In Koch R & Dixon J (Ed.), Public Governance and Leadership Springer