Dr Matt Sleat - Full List of Publications


  • Sleat M. (forthcoming) 'What is a Political Value? Political Philosophy and Fidelity to Reality', Social Philosophy and Policy.
  • Sleat, M. (ed., forthcoming - 2016) Politics Recovered: Essays on Realist Political Thought. (Columbia: Columbia University Press).
  • Sleat M. (forthcoming - 2016) 'Politics Recovered: The Return of Realist Political Thought', in M. Sleat (ed.) Politics Recovered: Essays on Realist Political Thought (Columbia: Columbia University Press).


  • Sleat M (2013) Liberal Realism: A Realist Theory of Liberal Politics. Manchester: Manchester University Press. RIS download Bibtex download

Journal articles


  • Stevenson H, Hindmoor A, Pattie C & Sleat M (2017) Editorial. Political Studies, 65(3), 533-534. RIS download Bibtex download

Book reviews