Josh White (he/him)

Department of Politics and International Relations

PhD Research Student

Co-convenor of the Doctoral research Network at SPERI

PhD Student Josh White
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Josh White
Department of Politics and International Relations
Modular Teaching Village
Northumberland Road
S10 1AJ

Josh is an ESRC funded doctoral researcher in the field of international political economy. His research focusses on the role of the capitalist state within the structures of global production networks, exploring how state-based authority shapes, and is itself shaped by, the power relations and social forces that constitute these networks. He takes a qualitative approach to investigating these structures and the political struggles that shape them.

Josh is a co-convenor of the SPERI Doctoral Research Network, which seeks to bring together post-graduate researchers across disciplines through events and other collaborative activities.

  • BA Politics, University of Sheffield
  • MA International Political Economy, University of Sheffield
  • MA Social Research, University of Sheffield
Research interests
  • State theory
  • Global production networks
  • British politics
  • Development

PhD Title:

How do states shape, and how are they themselves shaped by, global production networks?

Research group

Political Economy


ESRC 1+3 PhD Studentship

Professional activities and memberships

SPERI Doctoral Research Network Co-Convenor