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BA (Hons), International Relations, University of Karachi, Pakistan
MA, International Relations, University of Karachi, Pakistan
MA, Global Security, University of Sheffield
MA, Social Research, University of Sheffield


Amna Kaleem has received the ESRC Doctoral Studentship to conduct research on the British government’s Prevent Strategy and its impact on citizenship and civic duty. Amna is interested in studying the implementation of this policy by employing neoliberal governmentality as an analytical frame. Through her doctoral research, she aims to explore how this counter-terrorism policy is securitising citizenship by reshaping the norms of civic behaviour and altering the parameters of citizenship practice.

Prior to her PhD studies at the Department of Politics, Amna completed an MA in Social Research with Distinction as part of the ESRC 1+3 programme and an MA in Global Security with Distinction at the University of Sheffield. She also holds a BA (Hons) and MA in International Relations from the University of Karachi, Pakistan.

Amna is a co-convenor of the International Relations Group at the Department of Politics and International Relations and Security, Conflict, and Justice Pathway Representative for the White Rose Social Sciences DTP. She is also part of the editorial team launching a peer-reviewed student journal Global Policy: Next Generation. She has previously worked as a sub-editor, multimedia journalist, and project manager in Pakistan and the UK.


Shaheed Khalid Bin Waleed Gold Medal for Academic Attainment, BA (Hons), Department of International Relations, University of Karachi

Kulsum Bai Valika Gold Medal for Academic Attainment, MA, Department of International Relations, University of Karachi


Urdu, Hindi, Gujarati, and English

PhD Research

Thesis working title: Securitised Citizenship: Prevent Strategy and the making of counter-terror citizens

Supervisors: Dr Ross Bellaby, Dr Anastasia Shesterinina

Funding: ESRC Doctoral Studentship

Brief summary:
Amna’s research aims to explore the emergence of new civic norms and citizenship practices under the Prevent Strategy. To understand how the diffusion of counter-terrorism monitoring within civic acts is changing, this project will focus on the implementation of Prevent by citizens within local authorities, health, and education sectors. By centring on the experiences of citizens who are tasked with conducting counter-terrorism monitoring under the sector-specific Prevent Duty, this research will explore whether there is resistance or compliance or if Prevent is yielding a spectrum of responses ranging from reluctant compliance to conscious resistance.

Research Interests

Research Interests:

  • Critical Terrorism Studies
  • Countering Violent Extremism
  • Radicalisation
  • Governmentality
  • Qualitative methods
  • Discourse analysis


POL223 Contemporary International Relations Theory, Department of Politics and International Relations

SMI607 Principles of Research Design, Sheffield Methods Institute