I chose Sheffield for its great reputation for diversity and education

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Christine Newberg
Former student
MA Global Political Economy (now MA International Political Economy)
International student Christine reflects on the reasons why she chose to study at Sheffield and why she wished to continue her education and pursue a masters degree in Global Political Economy.

Why did you choose your particular course?

After my degrees in psychology and sociology, I realised it was time to narrow the focus and investigate current issues critical to the socio-political reality around me. I was looking forward to a challenging, eye-opening course that would allow me to learn about global economic and political issues while prompting us to ask much deeper, fundamental questions about the world we live in.

Why did you decide to study at the University of Sheffield?

Sheffield is a top-ranked university for quality of education, research, and student life. Having completed my undergraduate degree at Texas A&M University in the US, I chose Sheffield for its great reputation for diversity and education. I have been interested in continuing my education in the UK, and after extensive research I chose Sheffield for a couple of reasons. That Sheffield’s politics department is one of the best in the country is amazing enough, but the student life for internationals and the quality of research that goes on here really sold it to me. 

What made you decide to study a masters degree?

I’ve always been passionate about learning and pursuing topics dear to me and I’ve not regretted it. Every reading I do for my course is so interesting and yet challenging in the best way possible, and I trust that my time here in Sheffield will prepare me for a PhD and maybe even a future in academia. 

How do you think your postgraduate degree differs from your undergraduate studies?

My undergraduate degrees were in psychology and sociology, so it’s a bit of a change coming to Global Political Economy. However, the level of support, guidance, and opportunities lecturers provide have made the ultimate difference from my undergraduate studies. In our postgraduate course, lecturers give us the autonomy to pursue our interests while also teaching us the foundations of our field. 

How do you think the course will help you prepare for your chosen career?

The breadth and depth of learning that we engage in throughout our degree will definitely aid in providing a more global and analytical perspective on the political and economic questions of today. 

What are you enjoying the most about studying in Sheffield? 

We are a very diverse campus and it adds great strength to my lectures which I also appreciate. Whether we’re talking about classroom diversity or actual learning material, I have gained so much from my course mates and the breadth of perspectives. 

Felicity Matthews teaching a postgraduate politics seminar

The amount of thought and effort that goes into preparing lecture material by our lecturers shows just how much everyone in the department cares.

Can you share your experiences of the support you have received so far either from academics within the department or within the University?

The amount of thought and effort that goes into preparing lecture material by our lecturers shows just how much everyone in the department cares. Whether it be questions about an assignment or any current events, my lecturers have been very understanding, patient and supportive. But most of all, they have been realistic with their expectations of us and the standards that have been set. 

Is there anything else you would like add about your time so far at the Department of Politics and International Relations and the University?

Just a piece of advice for future students: challenge yourself and challenge your lecturers. It is the single greatest thing I’ve learned in my time here so far.

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