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Research highlights

What have pandemics got to do with politics?

Dr Simon Rushton discusses what pandemics have got to do with politics, and how national governments and the international community responds to pandemics in a recorded seminar.

Post-Brexit governance project featured in documentary

Dr Matt Wood is currently involved in a project looking at post-Brexit governance in an area that was critical in the referendum debates: health and the NHS. The project has been featured in Shout Out UK’s documentary ‘Brexit, Health and Me’, which follows the project team’s research on Brexit and how it is going to impact our NHS. 
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stock image of kangaroo lying in a dry field

How should politics relate to animals?

With increasing social concern about the plight of animals and the morality of routine animal slaughter, Dr Alasdair Cochrane’s research asks what the moral worth of animals means for politics: for our political policies, institutions, structures and ideas. 

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