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Research highlights

Dr Anastasia Shesterinina profile image, smiling to camera

Understanding civil war from pre- to post- war stages: A comparative approach

"Every year, civil wars kill, displace and force millions of people into poverty, creating humanitarian and environmental crises." Hear more from Dr Anastasia Shesterinina as she discusses her commitment to advancing research into civil wars and how this led to being awarded her recent UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship. 

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What have pandemics got to do with politics?

Dr Simon Rushton discusses what pandemics have got to do with politics, and how national governments and the international community responds to pandemics in a recorded seminar.

Post-Brexit governance project featured in documentary

Dr Matt Wood is currently involved in a project looking at post-Brexit governance in an area that was critical in the referendum debates: health and the NHS. The project has been featured in Shout Out UK’s documentary ‘Brexit, Health and Me’, which follows the project team’s research on Brexit and how it is going to impact our NHS. 
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The Politics of Black History

Dr Joe Pateman, discusses his research into the politics of Black liberation and the historical relationship between Marxism-Leninism and Black struggles against oppression.