New work visa routes 2022

Basic information about new work visa routes which have been announced for 2022.


We can’t offer detailed advice or support with these types of visa applications.

Global business mobility visa

This route has five separate routes within it, which were introduced on 11 April 2022:

  • Senior or Specialist Worker
  • Graduate Trainee
  • UK Expansion Worker
  • Service Supplier
  • Secondment Worker

They’re designed for overseas businesses to establish a presence in, or transfer staff to, the UK for specific business purposes.

None of these routes are routes to settlement. Dependants are permitted.

For more information visit:

 High potential individual (from 30 May 2022)

This is a new visa route for individuals with an undergraduate or postgraduate degree awarded within the last 5 years from a top global university outside of the UK.

This route:

  • does not require sponsorship or a job offer
  • is not a route to settlement
  • permits dependants

Successful applicants will be granted 2 years of immigration permission (3 years for those with a qualification equivalent to a UK PhD).

For more information, visit:

Always check GOV.UK for latest guidance and eligibility requirements.

Scale up visa (from August 2022)

This new visa route will be for individuals with a certificate of sponsorship from a qualifying UK Scale-up sponsor/employer.

There will be minimum salary requirements, eg a salary threshold of £33,000. The job must also be at a highly skilled level (RQF level 6) which is equivalent to degree level.

Initial applications under this new route must be sponsored, but subsequent extensions may be unsponsored.

This route will be a route to settlement via the 5 year route, and dependents will be permitted.

Look out for detailed guidance on GOV.UK from August 2022.

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