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Dr Aneta Piekut joined the Sheffield Methods Institute in 2014. Before that she worked as a researcher at the Universities of Warsaw (the Centre of Migration Research, 2005-2009), Leeds and Sheffield (2010-2014). She completed her PhD at the University of Warsaw in 2009. Her doctoral research was partially funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education in Poland (2005-2009).

At SMI she also acts as a Deputy Director of PGR training at the Faculty of Social Sciences, Employability Lead (e.g. coordinating the PlaceME@SMI scheme) and Internationalisation Tutor for undergraduate studies.

She is sociologist by training, but her research spans disciplinary boundaries. Her research focuses on the relationship between ethnic diversity and social cohesion, attitudes towards immigration and ethnic minorities, as well as integration and socio-spatial segregation. She employs mixed method approach in my research, from advanced statistical methods to creative in-depth interviewing.

She published widely in leading academic journals on issues of migration, ethnicity and segregation (e.g. European Sociological Review, Sociology, Social Science Research, Social & Cultural Geography, Journal of Economic and Social Geography (TESG)), and in 2017 she won the prestigious SAGE Prize for Innovation and Excellence awarded by the British Sociological Association’s (BSA) for a paper published in Sociology journal.

Teaching Aneta is a certified Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA) since 2017.

Methods are not neutral tools of data collection and analysis, so in her modules Aneta encourages students to critically reflect on why and how they apply them. As with other lecturers at SMI, Aneta's teaching is research-led, with substantial time devoted to hands-on practice with data.

Aneta convened the following core modules for BA Quantitative Social Sciences (QSS) degree:

- SMI108 Survey Design and Data Collection - which teaches students how to design and conduct an effective social surveys and analyse survey data;
- SMI205 Advanced Research Project in Quantitative Social Sciences - which encourages students to be critical of quantitative methods and teaches them how to replicate an academic paper;
- SMI302 QSS Dissertation - which provides a series of hands-on workshops for third year dissertation projects for undergraduate students;
- SMI303 QSS Research Communication - which teaches how to communicate dissertation research in an engaging way to non-academic audiences.

Aneta also coordinates an annual SMI Student Conference, which brings together students from all cohorts of BA Applies Social Sciences and BA Quantitative Social Sciences.
Team-taught modules for social sciences students include:

- SMI110 Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics (with SMI Qstep lecturers team) - an open-credit module for all students from the Faculty of Social Sciences on data literacy;
- SMI304 Doing Mixed Methods Research (with Dr Lucy Jackson) - an open-credit module teaching students how to put together research drawing on both qualitative and quantitative methods.

Together with colleagues from SMI Aneta developed a highly successful MOOC 'Making Sense of Data in the Media' - a massive, open, online course on - making sense of data in the media and beyond. It's available for free here.

Professional Activities:
PhD Supervision and Interests

Aneta's current PhD supervision:
- Natalie Bennet, Social cohesion, ethnic diversity, and mental wellbeing (funded by NIHR School for Public Health Research (SPHR); co-supervision with prof. Sarah Salway)
- Ben Gardner, Modelling of passenger clearance at the UK Border (funded by ESRC CDT Data Analytics & Society; co-supervision with prof. Gwilym Pryce & dr. Mauricio A. Alvarez)

Aneta's is interested in supervising motivated research students in the following areas:

  • The relationship between ethnic diversity and social cohesion;
  • Consequences of international migration for local communities and everyday lives of migrants and non-migrants;
  • Spatial distribution and ethnic segregation;
  • Attitudes towards immigration, various immigrant groups and ethnic minorities;
  • Highly skilled migration and intra-EU mobility;
  • survey methodology, specifically item nonresponse, measurement, mixed-mode surveys;
  • Advanced quantitative and mixed methods research.
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