Audience Diversification in the Arts, working with Deakin University, Australia

Dr Mark Taylor has been working with Deakin University - Melbourne, with their initiative to help arts and cultural organisations diversify their audiences.

Pile of different coloured admission tickets

Arts activities in Australia receive a lot of public funding. But audiences for many arts activities continue to represent only a fraction of the public. Audiences are often white, middle-aged, urban, non-disabled and middle class.

Dr Mark Taylor’s expertise in the cultural and creative industries focuses on social inequalities in participation, is contributing to research which will help organisations identify how they can make changes that will improve audience diversity, through toolkits, advice and frameworks.

Mark commented:

The Deakin-led project on audience diversification is crucial for understanding the ways that arts organisations are working in this area, and I’m very happy to be contributing through my work on the analysis of the survey. And it’s a nice time to be in the southern hemisphere!

Dr Mark Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods - Sheffield Methods Institute

Find out more about the research project.

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