"Don't let the fear of reading control you" New podcast about student experiences of academic reading in Higher Education.

Academic reading is key skill in Higher Education (HE) & a fundamental part of most degree programmes - Despite this little is known about how students experience reading & what educators can do to support students with the reading they assign.

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In this podcast, hosted and produced by Sara Pearman - Learning and Teaching Adviser in the Faculty of Social Sciences - Dr Will Mason and Dr Meesha Warmington introduce their new research about student reading experiences. 

With insight from current students at The University of Sheffield, this episode highlights the importance of working with students to understand and support academic reading as a core study skill. The headline findings from Mason and Warmington’s study are outlined, alongside five recommendations for learning and teaching practice.

It's absolutely vital to hear from students about their understanding of reading ... Universities need to listen to their students more and give us more opportunities, like this one, to give our opinions on how they are working


BA Sociology, University of Sheffield

This research was conducted in partnership with The University of Sheffield Library and ELEVATE at The University of Sheffield.  

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Read recent THE and University news articles to find out more about the project. 

Students and staff at The University of Sheffield can also access the ELEVATE guidance on how to develop student’s active reading skills engage with the Library study skills tutorial on Active Reading or watch a new student facing video about reading experiences here

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