What creativity and joyfulness means to us as educators! 

Dr Lauren White & Dr Will Mason along with Dr Vicky Grant (Library) and colleagues from the Student Union are launching a new project to consider how the process of creative learning can be a joyful and transformative educational experience.

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How might we rethink learning as not solely about educational achievement or a predetermined output, but as a joyful journey? How can we think about our pedagogy or methods not on ‘a sense of duty, but out of a sense of joy

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The aim of this project is to collaboratively consider how the process of creative learning can be a joyful and transformative educational experience and an enriching approach to social research. To do this, we will be co-designing and co-delivering student-led workshops centered around joyfulness in education and research and reflecting on how we might enable a creative and joyful pedagogy. We will host creative, participatory workshops centred on joyfulness and will be with, and for, students of the university prioritising their voice within pedagogy and research.

Finally, we will write what creativity and joyfulness means to us as educators! 

This project builds on established and successful collaborations, evidenced through our team teaching on the MA Social Research and co-facilitation of creative workshops by the SU Officers within the University Library. Drawing on expertise from across the University:

From the SMI:

Dr Lauren White’s expertise as a Lecturer in creative, participatory, arts based research methods; Dr Will Mason’s expertise as a Lecturer in community based research methods.

From the Library:

Dr Vicky Grant’s expertise in library based learning and information creation. 

From the Student Union:

Shona Tulloch and Grace Cleary’s (SU Liberation Officers) expertise in decolonising the curriculum and Alison Romaine’s (SU Education Officer) expertise in HE, student voice, creativity and inclusivity. 

If you would like to know more about this project, please contact Dr Lauren White.

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