Meet our alumni

Some of our recent graduates work in journalism, marketing, human resources, non-governmental organisations (NGOs), local government and health services. Others have forged careers as teachers, police officers, social workers and market researchers, to name just a few destinations.

Click on the profiles below to find out how our graduates spent their time at Sheffield, and what they have been doing since they graduated.

Image of graduate Adam ColesAdam Coles - Business Developer

"The research skills I was able to learn and enhance throughout my course have proven to be very useful in my working life so far, and I think they’re the most valuable skill that I took from my undergraduate degree." - Read more

Image of Jessica TyrellJessica Tyrell - Social Entrepreneur

"One of the best things about studying Sociology at this University is being able to choose from a range of intriguing and engaging modules that reflect what is important and relevant in today’s society." - Read more

Image of Salma HaidraniSalma Haidrani - Journalist

"My degree comes in useful almost every single day, which isn’t something that everyone can say about theirs!" - Read more

Image of Wadhha Al BusaidiWadhha Al Busaidi - Social Media Specialist

"There are lots of benefits of being in Sheffield: the living cost is cheapest compared to London and Manchester, and there is the availability of Halal food, and choices of student accommodation." - Read more

Image of graduate Clare BirkettClare Birkett - Management Consultant

"Embrace every day, ask lots of questions and keep in touch with lecturers and professors. Creating a professional network is really important so take advantage of their help and support." - Read more

Image of PhD graduate Natalija JarosenkoNatalia Jarosenko - Lecturer in Social Policy (Liverpool Hope University)

"I felt comfortable and safe thanks to the warm-hearted, extremely polite and helpful people of Yorkshire." - Read more

Picture of graduate Aram HamasaiidAram Hamasaiid - Lecturer in Social Research Methods (University of Sulaimani, Kurdistan)

"Work hard and take every opportunity to learn. Also, enjoy your time in this beautiful city and build good relations with other students and with local people." - Read more


Picture of graduate Noah MudendaNoah Mudenda - Chief Executive Officer, Council of Social Workers, Zimbabwe

"I loved every minute of my study time and learning through a different culture with different perspectives. It broadened my understanding of the course and ability to relate in a multicultural setting. The whole world was represented in the Department of Sociological Studies, and on my course in particular. This was a big bonus for me." - Read more

Picture of graduate Sammy ChiuSammy Chiu - Professor of Social Policy

"I highly recommend international students to study sociology, social policy and social work at Sheffield. In fact, I have recommended more than 10 PhD students to the Department, and they have all completed and have taken up important positions in academic institutions in Hong Kong." - Read more

Picture of graduate Amelia MooreAmelia Moore - Policy Associate

"I would suggest getting to know your lecturers really well, especially if they're experts in a topic that interests you. Some of the staff who taught me at Sheffield continue to be mentors in my professional life and I value their support so much." - Read more

Picture of graduate Rebecca Joy NovellRebecca Joy Novell - Gangs Worker

"Social Work was intellectually and emotionally demanding, and I could not have survived the course if I hadn't been given the right teaching and support to manage the challenges." - Read more

Picture of graduate Ning WangNing Wang - Professor and Associate Dean of the School of Sociology and Anthropology (Sun Yat-Sen University)

"I have a very good memory of reading at the library and lying on the lawn on the beautiful campus." - Read more

Picture of graduate Uzma PeeranUzma Peeran - Research and Policy Officer

"The Department of Sociological Studies at Sheffield stood out for me for its welcoming nature. Having the opportunity to discuss with staff about the different modules on offer and their own research specialism was a great way to learn more about the course and gave me confidence to choose to study sociology, without a social science background." - Read more

Picture of graduate Eleanor MowerEleanor Mower - Self-employed

"The research skills gained in all three years of my degree have been gold dust upon graduating. The ability to independently research a subject either using secondary sources or conducting your own study in our dissertations has been incredibly useful in job hunting and also in my personal life. Every job will always involve some aspect of research and I have found that employers are very excited and impressed that I have such a developed set of skills in this area." - Read more

Picture of graduate Yunfei WangYunfei Wang - Director of International Co-operation

"I think the Department of Sociological Studies at the University of Sheffield is your best choice. However, you must work hard to get through your course, as you are facing a professional standard. Remember, nothing is impossible and also nothing is easy to get." - Read more