Jake Allcock

Department of Sociological Studies

PhD Student

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Jake Allcock
Department of Sociological Studies
The Wave
2 Whitham Road
S10 2AH

Jake joined the Department of Sociological Studies in 2022, after completing his MA in Social Research at the University of Sheffield. Before attending the University of Sheffield Jake graduated from De Montfort University, studying both a BA in International Relations and Politics in 2019 and a MSc in Energy and Sustainable Development in 2020. Jakes research interests focus on the impact of social media platforms in delivering information and driving discussions about climate change across the globe, with a particular focus on the role of YouTube.

Research interests

Working Thesis Title: Understanding global sustainability communication on YouTube

Jake’s project fuses innovative digital methods to map the ‘climate change space’ on YouTube and investigate the impacts of the platform’s personalisation in order to discover how climate change is being presented across different YouTube videos in different countries. This will be accomplished by exploring how content creators from across the globe use YouTube for communicating multiple aspects of climate change such as the consequences of rising temperatures to how solutions are presented to tackle the climate crisis.

Research interests:

  • Sustainability
  • YouTube
  • Climate Change 
  • Science communication
  • Algorithms
Research group

Jake is part of the Grantham Scholar Training Programme as a Grantham scholar which he joined in 2022. This programme aims to create a more sustainable future by training members to become sustainable leaders by learning to advocate for evidence-based change.

PhD Supervisors


Awarded the University of Sheffield Faculty of Social Sciences 1+3 Scholarship in 2021

3 months additional stipend at the UKRI rate awarded from the Grantham Scholar Training Programme in 2022