Mücahit Aydemir

Department of Sociological Studies

PhD student


Full contact details

Mücahit Aydemir
Department of Sociological Studies
The Wave
2 Whitham Road
S10 2AH

MA Contemporary Sociology, University of Leicester
BA Sociology, Akdeniz University

Research interests
  • Transnational Family Relationships
  • Academic Migration and Mobility
  • Qualitative Research

Thesis: Transnational Family Relationships of Migrant Academics in Britain.

My research aims to understand the family and kinships relationships of migrant academics across national borders. Embracing a holistic perspective, it seeks to understand the influences of spatiality and temporality; gender and family roles; dynamism and different migration and mobility rights on transnational family relationships of academics who migrated to Britain.

Research group


  • YLSY 2014-Continuing, Scholarship by MEB (Turkish Ministry of Education)

Aydemir, M. (2018). “As the distances are getting closer, our hearts are moving farther”: the Sociological Implications of Transnational ICTs use on the Socio-Cultural Integration of Immigrants. Sosyal Siyaset Konferansları Dergisi, Journal of Social Policy Conferences (75), 15-42.