PhD study at Sheffield

Our PhD students are currently researching a range of topics, which address some of the key challenges facing our global society. Meet some of our current and former PhD students and discover more about their research journeys with the University of Sheffield.

PhD case study - Kwaku Gyening Owusu

PhD student outside of the Elmfield building

Kwaku is in the third and final year of his PhD, studying migration and Ghanaian Diaspora in the UK and the impact on Ghana's welfare development. We spoke to Kwaku and asked him what was his draw to this particular subject, what motivated him to study a PhD and how he has found studying at Sheffield.

"Being a Ghanaian by origin and knowing the UK is home to over 100000 documented Ghanaians, a case study on the Ghanaian diaspora in the UK and their role in welfare development back home was always going to be an interesting and challenging start off point and a knowledge worth contributing to the social sciences and policy makers."

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Graduate testimonial - Natalija Jarosenko

PhD student Natalija Jarosenko in Elmfield

"I studied in-work poverty as my PhD subject because millions of men and women in the European Union are living below the poverty line despite being active members of the labour market. Such high levels of the working poverty across the EU is a manifestation of a modern form of poverty that is rapidly becoming one of the most pressing issues across all capitalist countries in the 21st century."

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Sociological Studies PhD student Leah Bomberger-Edwards

First impressions of PhD study

"As an international student from the United States I chose to travel to the UK for my degree to broaden my academic and personal horizons. The Department of Sociological Studies proved to have a intersecting program where my various interests within sociology could be explored. I also appreciated the option to begin part way through semester as it allowed me to transition from my Masters with little time lost.

"During my first visit to the Department I was impressed with the social environment cultivated by staff and students. Throughout my PhD, I increasingly enjoyed the friendships I formed with fellow students.

"Another pull to Sheffield was the city itself. With accessible public transportation, the city is easy to travel around and filled with pockets of unique cafes, pubs, and shops. With a large student population bringing change and progress, there is always a new international restaurant to try or concert to attend. On weekends I greatly enjoyed exploring the Peak District, which is only a bus ride away! The location of Sheffield is ideal for travelling for academic and personal adventure. The UK’s major cities and universities are within reach of a train ride, which opens up the possibilities networking with other universities or attending conferences.

"The University is pushing for increased awareness of diversity and culture, thus I made friends from all over the world. Students within my cohort were creative, engaged, and eager to learn the craft of research."

Leah Bomberger-Edwards, PhD graduate