Photograph ADDr Alex Dennis

Lecturer in Sociology

(BSc (Hons) Psychology, MA (Econ) Applied Social Research, PhD Sociology)

Telephone: 0114 222 6448 (external), 26448 (internal)
Room: Elmfield, B06c


Alex grew up in Leeds and Bradford, and was educated at the University of Manchester, taking a first degree in psychology and then pursuing postgraduate work in organisational sociology, specialising in ethnomethodological studies of work. He lectured in sociology at the Universities of Huddersfield and Salford before starting at Sheffield in 2012.

Most of Alex's work is collaborative, most recently with Allison Cavanagh (University of Leeds), Wes Sharrock and Pete Martin (both University of Manchester). Between 1998 and 2006, Alex was part of the collaborative writing machine the Free Association.


Alex is interested in social theory, interactionist studies, non-criminal deviance and social movements. This divides into three areas:

  1. Criticisms of contemporary social theory, questioning the philosophical sanity of the mainstream (with Wes Sharrock), and suggesting that pragmatist and interactionist perspectives can do a better job (with Pete Martin).
  2. Empirical studies of deviance, broadly conceived, in historical and cultural perspective. Alex is particularly interested in notions of social tolerance and permission, in the fields of sexuality, art and music, and 'anti-social' behaviour.
  3. Studies of 'protest' and dissent, empirical and theoretical, with a particular concern with questions of 'what works'.


I utilise an adapted pragmatist approach to teaching (Dewey's), and take as a starting point his idea that learning is both social and interactive. People learn most effectively when they can imagine the relevance of a course's content to their own experiences, and can critically engage with texts on the basis of that. Teaching is about trying—occasionally successfully—to impart a body of knowledge while also making students the centre of the process.

I currently teach introductory social science research skills at masters level (The Research Process), a critical introduction to media studies at level 2, and a case-study based course on protest and dissent at level 3.

Postgraduate Supervision

I am interested in supervising students interested in conducting interactionist investigations; studies of protest, particularly in its cultural aspects; social-theoretical work; and studies in the sociology of deviance, particularly in non-criminal forms (lifestyle, sexuality, appearance, etc.).

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