photo of Hannah LewisDr Hannah Lewis

Senior Research Fellow


Hannah Lewis joined the department in 2015 as a Vice-Chancellor’s Fellow. Since completing her PhD ‘Interrogating community: dispersed refugees in Leeds’ at the University of Hull she has worked in academic and non-academic research as a consultant for statutory, voluntary and non-profit organisations. Prior to joining Sheffield she was a Research Assistant and Lecturer at Leeds Beckett University, and was a Research Fellow at the School of Geography, University of Leeds 2011-2015.


Hannah is interested in understanding how policies shape the daily lives of people who migrate. She has explored how asylum seeker dispersal, the destitution of refused asylum seekers, ‘race’ and multicultural strategies, and immigration status shape community, family, transnational relationships, work and leisure among migrants and people seeking asylum. Her recent work has centred on concepts of precarity and contingency and how the social and legal status of migrants can create insecurities that may increase susceptibility to poverty, exclusion and forced labour.

She recently completed an ESRC-funded study ‘Precarious Lives’ which was the first academic study to focus on experiences of forced labour among people who are refugees or seeking asylum in the UK. Her research interests include community and social relationships, migration and refugee studies; immigration and asylum policy particularly in relation to destitution among refused asylum seekers in the UK; housing, volunteering, multiculturalism; and the ethics and methodologies of research with migrant populations.

Postgraduate supervision

Hannah welcomes enquiries from students considering pursuing doctoral studies in areas related to her specific research interests.

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Publications since 2005

Peer-reviewed articles

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Book chapters

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Research reports

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Other publications

Rose N, Stirling S, Ricketts A, Chappel D. (2011) (contributing author) Including migrant populations in Joint Strategic Needs Assessment: a guide. PDF
(Online resource) Regional migration research database (2009)