I chose to study Sociology and Politics at the University of Sheffield because of its position in the rankings

Charlotte Fisher
Charlotte Fisher
BA Politics and Sociology
Charlotte says that knowing that the University is so well regarded really encouraged her to study here.
Charlotte Fisher
Charlotte Fisher

Why did you decide to study this course at UoS?

I chose to study Sociology and Politics at the University of Sheffield because of its position in the Social Sciences World Rankings. Knowing the University is so well regarded really encouraged me to study at the University because I knew I would be receiving some of the best research-led teaching in the UK. As well as this, the fact that the University really is about looking after each individual inspired me and I knew I could really grow in Sheffield, not only academically but also as an individual.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

I am really enjoying the fact that there are so many modules that I can choose from each semester which makes each year of studying so diverse and unique to each individual; especially if you have a subject area you are specifically interested in, it allows you to tailor your learning to whatever it is that you enjoy. The research topics are also very interesting, and I can see how beneficial they will be in the future modules!

What do you think about Sheffield as a city? What is your favourite thing to do here?

Sheffield is such a diverse city with so much to do – night and day, so there is never a dull moment which is something I love about the city. Though it is so big, it feels like such a tight knit community and everyone is so lovely. My favourite thing to do is go into Town for shopping and finding the best restaurants in the area. My friends and I also love going to Endcliffe Park which is so lovely and has a lot of history.  

Endcliffe Park
Endcliffe Park

Any advice for new students?

My advice for new students, and you’ll hear it a lot, is to join societies and get involved in as much as you can, especially in your first year. I have made such amazing friends through the societies I have joined, and it is so beneficial to have a big support group around you, especially when you are going through such a big life change like moving to University. 

What are your plans for the future?

I am hoping to train to be a solicitor after University by undertaking the GDL after my degree.


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