Excluded Student Database

In order to protect the public from risk, institutions educating health care professionals share limited information about fitness to practise exclusions via the Excluded Student Database.


This ensures that admissions selectors are alerted to applicants who have been excluded from other institutions on fitness to practise grounds.

Where an application from a previously excluded student is identified, admissions selectors will review the circumstances of the exclusion, alongside any evidence of remediation, when making their decision on the application.

The data supplied from the Excluded Student Database is not used for any other purpose.

What information will be shared and how

There is a specified limit on the amount and type of information that can be held on the Excluded Student Database, and only a limited number of staff members in academic departments will have access.

Information held on the Excluded Student Database will relate to those students who have been through a fitness to practise hearing and found unfit to practise. This may include information about students who have been found unfit to practise but who left their institution voluntarily, provided that a formal fitness to practise hearing has taken place. The fitness to practise hearing would have reached an outcome, which would have been subject to appeal, with the student notified and given a fair opportunity to participate at each stage of the process. This may include cases where fitness to practise hearings have been held 'in absentia', with the student informed of the hearing in advance and of the eventual outcome. Only once any appeals process has been completed will a student's details be added to the database.

The details of students who do not progress or do not graduate for academic reasons will not be included on the database.

The information that may be included on the Excluded Student Database in order for a student to be identified includes:

  • Known name(s) including any changes of name by Deed Poll
  • Current gender and gender at birth
  • Date of birth
  • Name of the institution from which the student was excluded
  • UCAS ID (if applicable)
  • Photograph
  • A copy of the outcomes letter at the end of fitness to practise proceedings (only made available once a match has been identified, and for 48 hours only)

Any applicants who are identified as recorded on the database will be further investigated. If you are found to be on the Excluded Students Database, a rejection decision may be returned, or an offer of study may be withdrawn.

Please contact your academic department for more information about how and when this check is carried out.

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