Dwelling in Liminalities


What is the meaning of dwelling in liminalities? In urban times when life becomes reconfigured by all sorts of densities and calculations, new and old forms of liminalities intersect to produce spaces of inhabitation that encompass traditional notions of margins, exclusions or expulsions.

These processes become reconfigured in the larger restructuring of what urban life is and means in today’s machinic cities. We have invited scholars working through a number of critical approaches, and we have asked them to provide their reading of the economies of inhabitation in uninhabitable times.

What is the political in rethinking life through the liminal assemblage of the urban?

This series of workshops sought to cut across geographies and fields of enquiry to provide an orientation to our collective critical labour.

The workshops included:

  • On hustling, density and tracing with Tatiana Thieme (UCL) and Colin McFarlane (Durham)
  • On techno-imperialism, race and the value of life with Erin McElroy (NYU) and Andrea Gibbons (Salford)
  • Strange Encounters in Uncanny Markets with Jordanna Matlon (AU) and Thandi Loewenson (RCA)
  • On pathology, sounds and the black radical tradition with Dhanveer Singh Brar (GD) and Ashwani Sharma (UEL)
  • On bordering with Suzi Hall (LSE) and Antonis Vradis (Loughborough)


AbdouMaliq Simone | Michele Lancione