Urban Arrangements and Manoeuvres


A series of workshops were organised in 2021 to support international early career researchers.

A first set of workshops on Urban Arrangements examined those constellations of collective enactment that cannot be sufficiently subsumed under the categories of household, institution, network or the processes of contractual obligation, governmental responsibility, or familial reciprocity. 

Three workshops were held during Spring 2021 for two distinct working groups of 12 early careers scholars each, one group for Europe and a second for Asia. The groups aim to produce a collectively produced monograph and a series of journal articles.

Second, two workshops were co-convened with Public Culture in Spring 2021, on Manoeuvres, Propositions, Struggles and Deceptions, with 12 early career researchers to consider the makings of territories of operations outside or aside the residual colonization of urban life—its grids, computations, impositions, perspectives, and apparatuses. The initial output is to publish a collective dialogue in a forthcoming issue of the journal.


AbdouMaliq Simone