New publication on Splintering Urbanism and Climate Breakdown

Professor Vanesa Castán Broto has recently published an open access article in the Journal of Urban Technology entitled "Splintering Urbanism and Climate Breakdown".

Christopher Furlong / Staff
Christopher Furlong / Staff

On the anniversary of the publication of Splintering Urbanism, climate breakdown heralds a new era in public investment in infrastructure. However, current proposals for infrastructure overlook two decades of work in infrastructure studies. For example, both the Green New Deal advanced by activists in the United States and the European Green Deal, proposed by the European Commission, establish a dual logic between investments in centralized systems and off-grid systems that reinforce, rather than challenge, the infrastructure models critiqued in Splintering Urbanism. The lessons of Splintering Urbanism debates, such as the rise of post-networked conditions of living in dialogue with everyday practices of living with and against infrastructures, are still missing from the policies that will likely shape urban futures.

The full article is available on T&F's Journal of Urban Technology

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