Positive Urban Transformations podcast available to listen again

A 30-minute podcast on Positive Urban Transformations recorded by Urban Institute Director Professor Beth Perry is now available to download.

The podcast (downloadable here) discussed the roles of universities in urban development and the different ways in which research can contribute to positive urban transformations, under what conditions and with what effects. 
Profiling work on co-producing ecotourism strategies in Kisumu, Kenya and with a school in Arbourthorne, Sheffield, Beth argues that social science must take seriously our belonging and position as academics in the world and think about how knowledge is produced together with others and for what purposes. 
This means, first, doing research with people not on them if we want to contribute to long-lasting change. Second, it means holding on to the distinctiveness of academic expertise – through our approach, methods and analysis and retaining a critical disposition. Finally, linking research to positive urban transformations means creating the conditions within universities, systems of research funding and higher education to support engaged academics and build alliances with those seeking to produce more just urban futures.
The podcast draws on Beth's work on Cities and the Knowledge Economy, as well as co-production as a concept and its relevance in bridging critique and engagement in the university. 
It was recorded for the University of Sheffield's Off the Shelf Festival, in their Ideas Alive 2022 series, which aims to showcase the work of Sheffield academics to a public audience.

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