UI launches Sheffield Urbanism Lecture Series 2023

The Urban Institute is excited to announce the Sheffield Urbanism Lecture Series 2023 on "Robotic restructuring: Cities, climate and ecology".

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Robots are moving out of the closed environments of laboratories, factories, and hospitals to augment and replace the maintenance and management of human and non-human life as part of a broader process of societal and ecological automation. Robotic delivery vehicles, driverless cars, service robots and police drones and robots are starting to appear on the streets and in the skies of cities. Robots are being used to monitor, augment, and reshape nature, ecology and climatic process via robotic insects, automated agriculture, and many other robotic entities.

This lecture series explores the impact and implications of robotic applications and new cyborg environments for human and non-human life in different global contexts. For example, how do we grasp the impact of robotics and robots, as robot-enabled automation moves out of enclosed environments and comes to mediate social, ecological, and infrastructural relations?

The lecture series will be of interest to anyone interested in the future of cities, climate change, ecology and the prospects for ever more sophisticated AI-enabled robots and automation.

The lectures are a combination of in person and online. Please click on the links below to find out more and register for free. 

4 October, 1500-1630 - SESSION 1: ROBOTIC RESTRUCTURING: CITIES (in person)

4 October, 1500-1630 - SESSION 1: ROBOTIC RESTRUCTURING: CITIES (online)18 October 1500-1630 - SESSION 2: ROBOTIC RESTRUCTURING: ECOLOGY CLIMATE (online)


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