National Technician Development Centre for Higher Education

The expertise of the team at the new National Technician Development Centre for Higher Education, based in Sheffield, will support HEIs in the delivery of high quality technical services across all areas including Arts, Science, Engineering and Medicine. The Centre will assist HEIs in managing the well-documented shortage of skilled and highly trained technicians (according to Gatsby, the UK needs 700,000 more technicians by 2020) both within HE and across all sectors.

The work of the National Centre includes the HEI Technical Resources Toolkit, a resource available to aid universities in understanding their technical staff and improving the sustainability of their technical services.

The National Centre will serve as a one-stop shop for both institutions and individuals, providing access to:

  • HEI Technical Resources Toolkit (developed under the TDM project and with partner HEIs)
  • Highly-developed expertise covering areas including Toolkit implementation, succession planning and organisation development
  • Sharing of best practice from across the sector
  • Engagement activities to support greater uptake of professional development
  • Guidance to support talent recruitment and retention
  • Training and development workshops to support strategic use of the Toolkit
  • Career pathways advice, resources and support

By providing these services and support, the National Centre will support HEIs in meeting their ‘Technician Commitment’ requirements.

The HEI Technical Resources Toolkit, which is shown in more detail in the diagram below. The toolkit, used with guidance from our team of experts, will help institutions to ensure a sustainable future for their technical staff and services.

Toolkit Diagram

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