Pre-registration skills

A study skills resource for new and prospective students, covering the skills that you will need as you begin your course at the University of Sheffield.



Welcome to the University of Sheffield! We hope that you find this interactive study skills resource useful as you prepare for your course.

Academic success involves a wide range of skills. You will need to develop and apply these over the next few months. 

You will have already used many of these skills in your previous education and experience, such as time management, academic writing and teamwork skills. You may now be wondering what will be expected of you at undergraduate level.

Whether you are new to university study, have been away from education for a while or you are embarking on your first studies in the UK, this resource will give you a head start with transitioning to the learning environment at the University of Sheffield.

The learning objectives of this resource are as follows:

  • To develop the skills and confidence to make a positive start on your course.

  • To reflect on your personal strengths, gaps and challenges.

  • To set skills-related goals for the academic year and work towards them.

Watch the video below for an introduction to 301 and the Level Up Your Skills programme.

How to use this page

Resources are broken down into sections below. Each section contains a set of resources and activities relevant to the suggested stage of your course:

  • Core resources are those that will be relevant for everyone and should be completed.

  • Recommended resources are those that should be completed if relevant.

  • Optional resources are those that may be of interest.

Use these resources flexibly to help develop the skills you will need for your learning and assessments. Some resources will be useful as a refresher, while other areas may be new to you.


There is a lot to think about in the run-up to the start of a university course. The following resources should help you to plan ahead and understand what to expect when you get to Sheffield. 

In the meantime, don't forget to plan in some downtime too!

Resource Type Description Time commitment
What to expect from your course Core Workshop recording 30 mins
Introduction to the University Library Recommended Online resources 10 mins
Introduction to the English Language Teaching Centre Recommended Online resources 10 mins
Ask a student: Sheffield chat Optional Other service N/A

Short introductory video for the new undergraduate level up your academic skills resources.

Intro Week 

Welcome to the start of your course.

The first days are likely to involve an exciting mix of new experiences, such as

  • meeting tutors and other students
  • finding out about your course
  • learning about the University and the city
  • settling in and getting all of the logistics sorted out

In short, it can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Explore the following resources to find out more about Sheffield and the style of learning on your course.

Resource Type Description Time commitment
Independent study Core

Interactive digital workshop

30 mins 

New to Sheffield Recommended Online resource 10 mins
Lectures and Seminars Recommended Online resource 10 mins
Student Services Information Desk: Support for New Students Optional Other service N/A

Top tips from our Tutor Team

All of our resources at 301 are developed collaboratively with our experienced team of postgraduate tutors.

Watch this short video to hear their top tips for getting started on your course.

301 study skills advice for new students

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