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Aerosoc President – Parisha Mistry
Parisha Mistry
The Aerospace Society
We have many student societies to choose from. Hear from the President of the Aerospace Society – Parish Mistry – about why Aerosoc should be your first choice.
Aerosoc President – Parisha Mistry

What is the AeroSoc?

The Aerospace Society – or AeroSoc, as we're more commonly known as – are the society for Aerospace Engineering here at the University. What that means is that we have the most up to date information on everything Aerospace, and we are the first call for everything Aerospace to supplement the course delivered by our incredible lecturers.

From socials to educational visits to balls and sport teams, we have it all – and the best part is that we're run entirely by Aerospace students!

What are your aims and ambitions?

Put simply, AeroSoc is all about helping you to make the most of the time you have here with us at Sheffield. We aim to work in collaboration with the Department to bring you the very best our degree can offer from a career development aspect, but also show you what we know to be the very best of Sheffield!

Members of Aerosoc

We bring together so many important communities and we want to continue doing this, through our aims of empowering all of our members and those who are interested in Aerospace!

Who are your members?

It's a pleasure to be able to proudly say that AeroSoc reflects the fantastic diversity we have amongst our course. We have people from all areas of the world, as well as across the University.

What's particularly great about being a part of AeroSoc is you don't have to be on an Aerospace course here at Sheffield to join us and that's how we also welcome members from a whole host of departments across Sheffield.

We welcome absolutely anyone and, through our dedicated Inclusions Officer, have the provisions in place to make our platform accessible to everyone, no matter what!

Can anyone join your society?

Yep! Whether you're a Bachelor’s student, Masters student, PhD student, academic or simply interested in what Aerospace Engineering is, we want to welcome you to our society! Our community are always ready to welcome you and happily answer your questions.

Sheffield has a fantastic balance of busy, quiet, night life and nature, with the Peak District on our doorstep and West Street bustling with activity literally every night of the week.

What sort of things do you do?

Where to begin with this?! We have socials amongst our community and in collaboration with other groups and societies across the University.

Our Education Officer is always on the lookout for opportunities to help develop careers and we love a great night out here at AeroSoc! Our committee is also on hand to guide you with any course-based questions you may have and as we regularly communicate with our Academic Staff, who can point you in the right direction for additional study support.

AeroSoc proudly work with the Equality, Diversity and Inclusions within Aerospace Engineering and invite members to be a part of all the ongoing conversations here too!

Aerosoc members at a party

What do you and your members love about studying at Sheffield?

Personally, I was sold by the sheer accessibility of Sheffield – how many other universities have a direct train line to London and Manchester, as well as tram, bus and dedicated cycle lanes?

Sheffield has a fantastic balance of busy, quiet, night life and nature, with the Peak District on our doorstep and West Street bustling with activity literally every night of the week.

Aside from that, the Diamond and facilities it provides, in tandem with Frederick Mappin, 38 Mappin and The Engineering Heartspace really reinforces the idea that our Department and Faculty want to give us the very best chance – and we're always encouraged to use the spaces provided to gain as much from our degree as possible!

What do you think really showcases your society and sets it apart from others?

AeroSoc isn't just about the academic side of University, so please come along and join us to meet people outside of the lecture theatre. As Aerospace Engineering is part of the Interdisciplinary Programmes here at Sheffield, we're always looking into other Departments.

It's never just Aerospace, which is so reflective of our career prospects post graduation!

Is there any advice you could give to students thinking about coming to Sheffield?

Reach out and talk to the students - we and many other university societies will have social media accounts that give you an insight into the real perspective and what life here is like day-to-day. Don't forget, this will be home for anywhere between 3 years and forever! Drop us a message and ask away about anything that sparks curiosity!

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