Zooarchaeology Laboratory - Teaching

Teaching plays an important role in the activities of the Zooarchaeology Lab. In particular, we provide zooarchaeology teaching as part of the 3rd year undergraduate module in Archaeozoology, and the zooarchaeology modules of the MSc programmes in Osteoarchaeology and Archaeological Science.

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A large part of our reference collection is specifically dedicated to teaching and consists of extensive collections of modern and archaeological specimens, organised by body part, taxon, and other characteristics (butchery marks, gnawing, pathology etc.). A collection specifically focussed on a user-friendly layout of individual teeth is also available. Tooth identification, a difficult task for inexperienced students, becomes much easier with the aid of a clearly labelled and laid out collection of isolated teeth of the most common species found in archaeological sites.

The teaching collection represents an essential tool for our lectures and practical sessions for both undergraduates and postgraduate students. Besides their routine use for teaching, every year the teaching and research collections are extensively used by students who undertake undergraduate, masters, or PhD dissertations in zooarchaeology.

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  • AAP317- Archaeozoology


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