Deniz Kesici

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Deniz Kesici

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Deniz Kesici
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Trained as an architect (social scientist) in Turkey [B. Arch & M. Arch], Deniz has been working on her PhD study in SSoA since 2017. Her research interests have been driven by a passion for developing a critical approach to the production of urban space in the interconnection between social, economic and political mechanisms. Her approach on both her master degree and the ongoing PhD studies intends to value the voices of 'others' & their practices in the re-production of public space; ultimately making visible the invisible.

Apart from her research, Deniz has been engaging in teaching & professional activities in SSoA.

Teaching Activities

  • Graduate Teaching Associate; ARC6983 Participation in Architecture and Urban Design (MAUD)
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant; ARC6983 Participation in Architecture and Urban Design (MAUD) ARC303 Humanities 5 (Year 3)
  • Guest Reviewer (Year 2)

Professional Activities

  • PGR Representative
  • SUAS PhD Officer (Sheffield University Architecture Society)
  • EDIC Student Action Group (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee)
  • Manifesto/s 2019 Conference Organization
  • Manifesto/s 2018-2019 Seminar Series
Research interests

Project title: 
Spatial-Tactical Practices in Public Spaces: Informal Night Market in Ankara

Project outline: 
Deniz’s research aims to reveal how city inhabitants appropriate and re-produce public spaces by transgressing into the intended agenda of authorities through ‘spatial-tactical practices’ [STPs]. STPs is a new concept defined by her PhD research to describe forms of re-production of public spaces by those who are disregarded from the decision-making process on the built environments. Her research studies an informal market in Ankara by focusing on the agencies in the production of the ‘public space’ and examines diverse values brought by these practices. Her research methodology uses ethnographic and auto-ethnographic research methods in the light of feminist approaches. With her research practice, she intends having an effect on the local context of Kızılay informal night market in Ankara as well as contextualizing her research in the intersection of different discussions and making STPs recognizable and valuable.

Primary supervisor: 
Professor Doina Petrescu

Dr Catalina Mejía Moreno

Date started: 01/11/2017

Research group

Design, Engagement and Practice