Dinuo Liu

School of Architecture

PHD Research Student

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Dinuo Liu
School of Architecture
Arts Tower
Western Bank
S10 2TN

Dinuo Liu is an interdisciplinary doctoral researcher at the School of Architecture of the University of Sheffield. Prior to her Ph.D., she obtained a dual Master's degree in Art & Design and Digital and Visual Communications from the Northeast Normal University in China and the University of Wolverhampton in the UK. Her current research interests cross multiple disciplines including the Built Environment, Interactive Design and Art Participation. Miss Dinuo's research covers the wellbeing of older people and the built environment with a special emphasis on the impact of environmental factors in museums on the participation and wellbeing of older people.

Research interests

Project title: 

Age-friendly Museum

Project outline: 

This research will explore the nature and characteristics of museums that are most likely to support the health and wellbeing of older people, in order to provide the evidence-base for the positive impacts of museum arts on older people. The final output of this research is a toolkit that can be used to enhance older people’s experience and participation in museum-based art, which could also contribute to supporting “healthy ageing” in the UK. The findings of this study may also inspire museum and related practitioners and contribute to a wider discussion on the role of the built environment, art and museums in the wellbeing of older people.

Primary supervisor: 
Isaiah Durosaiye

Krzysztof Nawratek

Date started: 01/01/2022

Research group

Space, cultures and politics