Fly food

Ingredient Amount
Cold tap water 1 Litre
Medium Cornmeal 80g
Dried Yeast 18g
Soya Flour 10g
Malt Extract 80g
Molasses 40g
Agar 8g
10% Nipagin in Absolute Ethanol 25ml
Propionic Acid 4ml
Fly food

The large-scale production of nutrient rich culture media is prepared in a steam-jacketed specialist media maker.  This allows up to 40 litres per batch to be prepared twice weekly to the recipe above.

Technical support is provided for media preparation including training staff from other departments within the Faculty of Science.

Fly food 2Vials and bottles available:

ICRF bottles with cotton wool bungs
Used for all stock expansion and for any bottles in the 18oC culture room.

Straight sided bottles with foam bungs

Used for the short term experiments and pupa/larvae collection.

Stock vials (ST)
Larger volume of medium for longer term use in taller vials, cardboard trays, labelled ST.

Experimental vials (Exp)
Small volume of medium for experiments in short vials, metal trays, labelled Exp.