The best way to predict the future is to create it

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Dimitris Boufidis
Undergraduate student
Bioengineering BEng
Dimitris is from Greece and chose to study bioengineering at the University of Sheffield because of the wide research focus. The course has helped him turn his hobbies into skills to tackle real-world problems.

Hi, I am Dimitris, a knowledge-loving young man from Greece. I am the second child in a family of six with a brother studying also at the University of Sheffield and two younger sisters. I am honoured today as I portray to you some factors that have shaped my aspiration to study bioengineering at the University of Sheffield.

Why bioengineering?

Choosing what I really want to study at the university was an extremely difficult decision for me: engineering helps you to solve problems, medicine cures people, and neuroscience allows you to understand what is behind everything.

Would I be able to solve medical problems through the application of engineering techniques? Would I be able to research the most complex machine of the universe? Would I be able to satisfy my desires and combine all of these in a university life-time?

Bioengineering at the University of Sheffield is the best answer to all these questions!

The best way to predict the future is to create it. Challenge accepted!

Dimitris Boufidis

Bioengineering BEng

What's the best thing about bioengineering at Sheffield?

Oh, what should I mention first? The Inspiring and challenging academic community? The interdisciplinary nature of the course? The huge positive impact it has on the world? The world-leading researchers? You can never say you are bored with what you are studying!

On the same day, we might have a lecture on Electric and Electronic Circuits, learn about Biomaterials and explore skin regeneration techniques using tissue engineering... We learn so many wonderful things!

With what else are you involved apart from your studies?

The opportunities to get involved with things are endless... the sky is the limit!

I am the first-year Academic Representative for bioengineering, I got elected as the Interdisciplinary Engineering Departmental Councillor at the Students Union, representing all the Bioengineers, Aerospace and General Engineers of the University (almost 1000 students!), I am a member of the Enactus Sheffield social enterprise (international portfolio - working on a smart irrigation system to implement at rural communities in Malawi), I am the Outreach Officer of the Avalon ROV team and the Media and Communications Director of the Sunride team which sends a rocket to the space.

I've also been selected for the Student Panel to improve the marketing communications of the university, I am an ambassador of my department at the university's open days and I have the pleasure to be part of the wonderful International Engineering Ambassadors scheme!

Any dreams about the future?

Today, I present my determination to dream big and to try to do even bigger. I work hard to succeed at one of the best universities in the UK and I hope that these studies will boost my passions and turn my hobbies into valuable skills to tackle real-world problems.

I am optimistic about the future, I strongly believe in the forces hidden inside people's will, and I hope to make a significant difference in the world. "The best way to predict the future is to create it". Challenge accepted!

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