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I enjoy my MSc research project the most. It is a chance to learn many new practical skills from the lab technicians who are incredibly helpful.

Crystal Yu MSc(Eng) Aerospace Materials

Crystal thought this MSc offered the perfect combination of modules for her interest in specialising in metals and composites. 

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This degree is certainly strengthening and developing not only my technical profile but also my personal skills as an overseas student.

Maria Dutto MMet Advanced Metallurgy

Maria is studying Advanced Metallurgy MMet. Before starting the course Maria had been working in industry for 10 years and felt this course would be a strategic step in her long-term career.

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My time at Sheffield made it very clear to me that I am passionate about research and that is what I eventually pursued to do.

Michelle Rodrigues MSc Nanomaterials and Materials Science

Since graduating in 2020, with a MSc in Nanomaterials and Materials Science, Michelle has been studying for a PhD at KU Leuven in Belgium. KU Leuven is a world top 50 university with a motto of 'Inspiring the outstanding'.

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The material which I learned, the skills obtained and the people that I met have all been and continue to be instrumental, in my ongoing career.

Owen McGann UG Chemical Physics, MSc Nuclear Environmental Science & Technology, PhD Nuclear waste vitrification

After completing their PhD Owen started working at Glass Technology Services through a KTP (Knowledge transfer partnership) between GTS and the University of Leeds. This introduced Owen to the area of photonic glass materials. Once the KTP finished GTS employed Owen on a permanent basis and over the following eight years has risen to their current position leading the R&D work in the area of photonics. Owen has been involved in a wide range of interesting and impactful research work while at GTS.

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Many of the students in my department were international and this gave me a good experience of being part of an intercultural community

Robert Musimbago MSc Pharmaceutical Engineering

Robert completed his undergraduate degree in Pharmacy at Makerere University, Kampala. He then went on to work as an Associate Research Pharmacist at the Baylor College of Medicine Children’s Foundation, a not-for-profit organisation that conducts clinical research on diseases including HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and malnutrition as well as providing treatment and prevention to children across Uganda. He was involved in two major studies investigating intensive treatments for HIV-infected infants and therapy regimens for HIV-positive pregnant women. Robert joined The University of Sheffield in 2021 to undertake the MSc programme in Pharmaceutical Engineering

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I’ve gained a great insight and genuine desire to pursue technical and process safety engineering as I can see the impact on people's lives

Julio Bissessar MSc Process Safety & Loss Prevention

Julio studied MSc Process Safety and Loss Prevention and now works as part of the Engineering Risk Team at E.ON UK

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The structure of the MSc program allowed me to have a broader insight into all aspects of the Environment and Sustainability

Anketha Kannan MSc Environmental & Energy Engineering

Anketha Kanna studied MSc Environmental & Energy Engineering and now works as a Graduate Environmental Scientist at AECOM Middle East, a leading infrastructure consulting firm in the UAE

Christina J Vanhinsbergh

The foundational knowledge you gain during your studies will help with later job applications

Christina J Vanhinsbergh MSc Biological and Bioprocess Engineering

Christina J Vanhinsbergh studied the MSc Biological and Bioprocess Engineering in the department. Christina is now a Senior Scientist at AstraZeneca.

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The city of Sheffield is one that embraces you and makes you feel warm

Guillermo Zavala Winner of a Postgraduate Merit Scholarship

“By coming to Sheffield, you will not only become a better professional but a better person thanks to all of the experiences you’ve had.”

MSc(Eng) Aerospace Materials graduate Jamin Daniel Selvakumar

I worked on a multi-disciplinary based research project, so I got to work in four or five different laboratories

Jamin Daniel Selvakumar Aerospace Materials MSc(Eng)

Jamin Daniel Selvakumar graduated in 2019 with an MSc(Eng) Aerospace Materials. He enjoyed the research side of his course and now is employed as a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory

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