This degree is certainly strengthening and developing not only my technical profile but also my personal skills as an overseas student.

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Maria Dutto
MSc student
MMet Advanced Metallurgy
Maria is studying Advanced Metallurgy MMet. Before starting the course Maria had been working in industry for 10 years and felt this course would be a strategic step in her long-term career.

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield is a world-class institution that has played a key role in materials innovations over the past century, particularly in steel developments, my main area of interest and expertise. The Department of Materials, Science and Engineering is one the best ranked in the UK based on academic and research performance, student satisfaction and graduate prospects. All these features turn Sheffield into more than an attractive option to choose to gain in-depth and up-dated knowledge in metallurgical engineering.  

Why did you choose to study your chosen degree?

Since I obtained my college degree in Chemical Engineering, I have been working for the past ten years in an international steel company, Ternium. To develop my professional profile I applied to study MMet Advance Metallurgy -  understanding it as a strategic step in my long-term career. 

What do you enjoy most about your course?

In my opinion, the most valuable aspect of the course is the solid professors’ academic profile. The modules are designed to cover the fundamentals but also contain the latest developments and trends in each field. This is justified by the key role the department plays in the terms of research and technological advances within the material engineering sector’s needs and challenges. Secondly, the variety of learning resources and facilities is delightful. The different kinds of studying spaces available across the campus, the technical offer of the libraries and the engineering laboratories accompany and encourage the daily studying experience.

Do you have any plans for after you graduate?

Before attending the course and after occupying different positions within Ternium’s Argentina steel shop, I worked for the last three years as Operations Manager of the Secondary Steelmaking area. The job involved managing the staff I was in charge of and all the equipment involved in the production line in order to achieve the production, quality, safety and environmental aims with a continuous focus on improving our performance standards.  

This degree is certainly strengthening and developing not only my technical profile but also my personal skills as an overseas student. Having the opportunity of being part of an international community allows improving your communication, cultural and self-awareness skills, gaining a broader perspective through a different learning approach in terms of academic, social and industrial concerns.

University isn't just about academic studies. What extracurricular activities do you enjoy? 

Exploring Sheffield outdoors has turned into one of my favourite things to do in my spare time. The city has plenty and widespread green areas, parks and woods. Many of the city’s strolls are connected to well-marked footpaths in the Peak District National Park, one the largest in the UK, which Sheffield lies on. This lets you discover and enjoy wonderful landscapes in the countryside just a few minutes away on foot from your residence.      

Do you have any tips for someone thinking of doing an MSc in the Department of Materials Science & Engineering.

I would suggest taking advantage of every available learning opportunity to build up a solid technical profile that will certainly provide access to further career prospects. As a completely interdisciplinary department, Materials Science is a key stakeholder in the troubleshooting of current and upcoming engineering challenges. Getting involved in an active role will grant useful knowledge, tools and skills to succeed at university and after graduating indeed.      

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