I enjoy my MSc research project the most. It is a chance to learn many new practical skills from the lab technicians who are incredibly helpful.

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Crystal Yu
MSc student
MSc(Eng) Aerospace Materials
Crystal thought this MSc offered the perfect combination of modules for her interest in specialising in metals and composites. 

Why did you choose to study at Sheffield?

The University of Sheffield has the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre and is a partner of the Henry Royce Institute, hence I feel as though it is a centre for innovation and provides me with invaluable links to industry and learning facilities, preparing me for employment in today's competitive industry. Compared to other universities, the University of Sheffield has a distinctive positive and supportive learning environment created by the students and lecturers which cemented my decision to study here. 

Why did you choose to study your chosen degree?

In 2021, I interned with the company Breathe Global where I enjoyed the process of analysing suitable materials for a medical device. It was gratifying to work with a team of engineers and contribute to the development of the final product, recognising the benefits it could have on patients. This experience inspired me to apply my undergraduate chemistry skills to learn more about engineering materials in the MSc Aerospace Materials course. This course offered the perfect combination of modules for my interest in specialising in metals and composites. 

What do you enjoy most about your course?

I enjoy my MSc research project the most. It is a chance to learn many new practical skills from the lab technicians who are incredibly patient and helpful. For example, I've been preparing my first set of metal samples for optical microscopy. It has been fascinating to observe the microstructure within my samples. 

What do you like best about Sheffield and the University?

I love the enthusiasm of the lecturers. It makes me excited about my course and the future of my industry. I'm thoroughly enjoying it and I've learnt so much, in terms of both skills and knowledge, since the start of term. My department also offers great academic and pastoral support. All of the staff are approachable and I feel like I can ask anyone for help if I needed to. 

I love living in Sheffield too as it is a diverse and welcoming community. I had a great time attending the 50th Anniversary Cultural Evening hosted by the International Society Committee. I feel lucky to be living and studying here in Sheffield. 

Do you have any plans for after you graduate?

I'm excited to be joining the James Walker graduate scheme as a materials engineer.  As part of the application process, I completed an assessment centre including a HR interview, technical interview and group exercise. During my degree, I completed a group poster presentation which was a great opportunity to help develop my teamwork skills. This experience was helpful for the assessment centre group exercises, and preparing me for working in a team of engineers. My broad range of modules have taught me a lot within the first semester alone, which helped me prepare for and feel more confident for my problem-solving based technical interview. 

University isn't just about academic studies. What extracurricular activities do you enjoy or are involved in? 

I'm part of the dance society and it has been really fun to travel to different cities to participate in dance competitions. It was particularly helpful to have this as a stress reliever during the exam period. I also love hiking so I've been exploring the beautiful Peak District. It is great to have nature so close to the city. Recently, I've participated in the Engineers Without Borders society's Designathon where I formed a team with people from my MSc course, to help find a solution to increase the cyclone resistance of shelters in a Mozambique refugee camp. This was a rewarding and eye-opening experience about the applications of engineering.

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