The structure of the MSc program allowed me to have a broader insight into all aspects of the Environment and Sustainability

Portrait style photo of CBE student Anketha Kannan
Anketha Kannan
Graduate Environmental Scientist
MSc Environmental & Energy Engineering
Anketha Kanna studied MSc Environmental & Energy Engineering and now works as a Graduate Environmental Scientist at AECOM Middle East, a leading infrastructure consulting firm in the UAE

Tell us a little about your job

My job role typically revolves around the Environmental and Sustainability sectors.  I work on various mega projects involving the application of sustainability standards, preparation of Environmental Impact Assessments and performance reports, along with technical insights into Air, Noise, Waste Management and Ecological disciplines.

Is there anything you thought was particularly good about the PGT programme at Sheffield?

My PGT program at Sheffield was an amalgamation of all key concepts in Environmental science. The electives offered intrigued me and as a result I explored fields that I never thought would excite me. The program is thoughtfully spread over a course of 1 year, available to students coming from various cultural and educational backgrounds.

I was the Academic Representative of my department. The regular departmental meetings opened my eyes to understand the challenges faced by my fellow students and the measures taken by the department in helping every student to bring out their fullest potential. The professors and support from the student's centre pushed me to fly out with a distinction in a program that I love.

Is there any advice you would give to prospective MSc students?

Kindly connect with your supervisor at the very start of the course, never hesitate to approach professors/alumni. If you have plans to continue onto a PhD, I would suggest analysing which course/electives light a fire in you so you can decide why you should opt for research in that sector. Our professors were friendly and approachable, so have an open discussion with professors you find teaching that particular discipline.

What did you think of Sheffield as a city and place to live?

Sheffield is a beautiful place which is safe for women in particular. The city provides an excellent lifestyle with loads of greenery around. The parks, rivers and beautiful natural landscape are a treat to the eye. Not to mention, the city offers many part-time opportunities for students.


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