Our brand guidelines

Our brand guidelines will help you apply our identity in a confident, coherent and accessible way.


How to apply our primary and secondary logos.

Logo guidance


How to use our fonts.

Typeface guidance


How to use our colour palette.

Colour guidance

Tone of voice

How to communicate in our tone of voice.

Tone of voice guidance


How to apply our photography style.

Photography guidance


How to apply our identity to video.

Video guidance

Social media

How to apply our identity to social media channels.

Social media guidance

Digital adverts

How to use our identity in digital adverts.

Digital advert guidance

Our shield and coat of arms

How to use our shield and coat of arms.

Shield and coat of arms guidance


How to use illustration. 

Illustration guidance


Where to go for help creating web content.

Website guidance


How to use our identity in newsletters.

Newsletter guidance

Video meeting backgrounds

How to apply our identity to video meeting backgrounds.

Video background guidance 

Editorial style guide

Advice on grammar and University style for writing copy.

Editorial style guide

If you have any further questions about how to apply our identity, please contact marketing@sheffield.ac.uk