Partnerships with companies

The University strives to develop sustainable partnerships which are based on shared goals and maximise opportunities for both parties. To achieve this, we have processes and structures which enable us to be flexible and responsive to the needs of our partners. Partnerships will take different forms and will encompass a variety of activities across all of the University functions.

We already collaborate with partners such as Rolls-Royce and Boeing at the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre, Siemens in our Wind Power Centre along with other corporations such as GSK, Pfizer, Airbus, Unilever, Nissan, Network Rail, Smith & Nephew and Yorkshire Water. Find out how we're also working with regional SMEs and other organisations to shape the future of the Sheffield City Region.


Read Discover to find out how we're solving real world problems.

To find out how we collaborate and partner with other people our 'Discover' magazine opens the door to this hidden world of innovation and invention. We want to inspire future collaborations and celebrate our existing external partnerships.

Discover Issue 8

With a spotlight on 'Biomedical Life Science', this issue explores how our research partnerships influence biomedical life sciences research to develop novel healthcare treatments.

 Discover 8 Cover

Highlights include:

Novel ways to tackle gluten

Imaging to understand neurological diseases

Predicting human movements

Discover Issue 7

With a spotlight on 'Energy and Sustainability', this issue explores how our research partnerships and collaborations influence research on energy and climate change to create a sustainable future.

 Discover 7 Cover

Highlights include:

Restoring soils fit for future generations

The quest for a reliable alcohol pricing model

Discovering the past from our ancestors

Discover Issue 6

With a spotlight on 'Improving the Quality of Life', this issue explores how our research partnerships and collaborations improve the quality of life for the greater good to create societal benefit for the UK and beyond.

 Discover 6 Cover

Highlights include: 

Developing novel gels to improve stem cell research

Exploring the English Civil War in Newark

Backing the UK's first Advanced Manufacturing Innovation District

Discover Issue 5

With a spotlight on 'Tackling Global Challenges', this issue explore how the University is working without barriers to focus on solving some of the world's major problems through external partnerships.

 Discover 5 Cover

Highlights include:

Joining forces to end chronic pain

How to feed 12 billion by the year 2100

Food banks on the policy agenda