Do you have a problem that you require expert help to solve? Through our consultancy service we can provide specialist expertise and experience to find solutions for your problems. For many years, organisations of all sizes and locations, including some of the most successful in the world, have come to the University of Sheffield to benefit from our support and stay ahead of the competition. Whether it is a short-term consultancy agreement or a longer-term project, we can work with your requirements.

Our expertise

All of our academics are encouraged to undertake consultancy work. By drawing on one of the University's 1,100 academic experts in more than 70 disciplines, research centres and related areas, you can gain access to specialist consultants to engage on specific projects at a level to suit your needs.

What about confidentiality?

The University understands the importance of confidentiality at all stages of discussions and, where appropriate, we will happily assist in putting in place formal confidentiality agreements to ensure that you feel fully protected in terms of any confidential and/or commercially sensitive projects you wish to discuss.

What about contracts and intellectual property?

Whatever the nature of the interaction, we will endeavour to ensure that all legal and contractual matters are dealt with as swiftly and smoothly as possible. The intellectual property in consultancy projects is often best owed by business and we will work with you to establish appropriate arrangements.

Who to contact

The University has several gateways whose staff will be very happy to discuss your consultancy needs, whatever stage these might be at, and to put you in contact with academics.

Please see the Contracts page for more information.