Driving productivity growth through innovation in high value manufacturing

A Science and Innovation Audit report sponsored by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy
(October 2016)

In Autumn 2015 the UK Government announced regional Science and Innovation Audits (SIAs) to catalyse a new approach to regional economic development. SIAs enable local consortia to focus on analysing regional strengths and identify mechanisms to realise their potential. In the Sheffield City Region (SCR) and Lancashire a consortium was formed to focus on our strength in high value manufacturing. This report presents the results which includes broad-ranging analysis of the audit region’s capabilities, the challenges and the substantial opportunities for future economic growth.

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The context for this audit is set by a UK-wide economic problem: stagnation of productivity growth since 2008. The audit region of Sheffield City Region and Lancashire contributes to this; regional productivity is well below the average for England.

The vision presented is of a "Northern Advanced Manufacturing Innovation Corridor", bringing existing, emerging and new science and innovation assets and programmes into collaboration with industry to drive productivity growth in advanced manufacturing and key linked sectors across the region to world-class levels.
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Industry 4.0

Between the geographies of the Sheffield City Region and Lancashire lies a unique opportunity. One which the UK economy desperately needs. Here lie the components required to equip the UK to deliver the vision of the 4th industrial revolution, Industry 4.0.


Professor Sir Keith Burnett, PRESIDENT & Vice-Chancellor, the University of SheffielD

The report was produced for the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy. The consortium overseeing the audit represents the key innovation partners in the Sheffield City Region and Lancashire Local Enterprise Partnership areas.

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