AAPU01 Archaeology (BA)
AAPU02 Archaeology and History (BA)
AAPU06 Archaeology (Part-time) (BA)
AAPU14 Classical and Historical Archaeology (BA)
AAPU20 Prehistoric Archaeology (BA)
AAPU21 Archaeology and Languages with a Year Abroad (BA)
AAPU23 Classical and Historical Archaeology (Part-time) (BA Hons)
AAPU99 Archaeology with Foundation Year (BA)
AAPU103 Archaeology (BSc)
AAPU107 Archaeology, Religion, Theology and the Bible (BA)
AAPU110 Archaeology with a Year Abroad (Study) (BSc)
AAPU111 Archaeology with a Year Abroad (Study) (BA)
AAPU112 Classical and Historical Archaeology with a Year Abroad (Study) (BA)
AAPU113 Prehistoric Archaeology with  Year Abroad (Study) (BA)
AAPU114 Archaeology and History with a Year Abroad (Study) (BA)

AAPT001 Archaeology of the Classical Mediterranean (MA)
AAPT03 Landscape Archaeology (MA)
AAPT07 Archaeology (MA)
AAPT40 Aegean Archaeology (Research Track) (MA)
AAPT80 Osteoarchaeology (MSc)
AAPT93 Cultural Heritage Management (MA)
AAPT111 Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy (MSc)
AAPT112 Human Osteology and Funerary Archaeology (MSc)
AAPT113 Palaeoanthropology (MSc)
AAPT153 Cultural Materials (MA)