Mathematics and Statistics



MASU01 Mathematics (BSc)

MASU02 Mathematics (MMath)

MASU05 Financial Mathematics (BSc)

MASU10 Mathematics with Study in Europe (MMath)

MASU11 Mathematics with Study in Europe (BSc)

MASU12 Mathematics with Spanish Language (MMath)

MASU13 Mathematics with French Language (MMath)

MASU14 Mathematics with German Language (MMath)

MASU15 Mathematics with a Year Abroad (MMath)

MASU18 Mathematics with Spanish Language (BSc Hons)

MASU19 Mathematics with French Language (BSc Hons)

MASU20 Mathematics with German Language (BSc Hons)

MASU25 Mathematics and Philosophy (BSc)

MASU34 Statistics (Graduate Cert)

MASU35 Financial Mathematics (Joint Programme with Nanjing University of Technology) (BSc)

MASU38 Mathematics and Statistics (BSc)

MASU39 Mathematics and Statistics (MMath)

MASU40 Mathematics with Placement Year (BSc Hons)

MASU41 Mathematics with Placement Year (MMath)

MASU42 Mathematics and Statistics with Placement Year (BSc Hons)

MASU43 Mathematics and Statistics with Placement Year (MMath)


MAST01 Statistics (MSc)

MAST02 Statistics (Distance Learning) (MSc)

MAST11 Statistics with Financial Mathematics (MSc)

MAST12 Statistics with Financial Mathematics (Distance Learning) (MSc)

MAST21 Statistics with Medical Applications (MSc)

MAST22 Statistics with Medical Applications (Distance Learning) (MSc)

MAST30 Mathematics (MSc)

MAST34 Mathematics and Theoretical Physics (MSc)

Complementary specifications for dual degrees

Philosophy (MASU25)

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