mySkills - Skills portfolio


During your time at the University of Sheffield you will have the opportunity to develop a wide range of skills and attributes through your course, your work experience and extracurricular activities. You can reflect on and record these using mySkills.

What is mySkills? 

mySkills is a simple online tool to support your understanding of your skills and manage your personal development. It’ll help you to be more self-aware through regular reflection, the opportunity to set development goals and to record activities. This record of your activities and reflections will support your personal development and in writing future job applications through your record of evidence for all of your skills.

The mySkills portfolio is an innovative new way for you to assess, record, build and reflect on your own skills profile. Your profile and record of personal development will be unique to you and will be invaluable in creating your CV and strengthening job applications and interview performance.

How does mySkills work?

  • The first thing you will do in mySkills is a ‘skills assessment’ of some of your current skills and attributes through a multiple-choice questionnaire. For each skill you’ll be given 4 statements - you just have to decide which one best describes your current understanding or skill level.
    This task might take you around 20 minutes to complete. Be really honest with yourself and take your time so that your profile best reflects you. Everyone has a different starting point and different experiences.
  • When you’ve finished the self-assessment you’ll see a profile based on your answers.
    The profile will highlight some of your current strengths. Select the attributes or skills you wish to prioritise and develop - choose a few you’d like to enhance or improve.
  • Start to build a record of your experiences and personal development, reflecting on the skills you’re developing. This is really valuable for your CV.

mySkills learning and tracking your progress

Your mySkills portfolio also includes links to information, learning resources and activities to support your development, and suggests actions you might take to help develop your skills and experience.

Your mySkills profile will also help you to prepare for conversations with your tutor or other advisers, and to complete any assignments that include reflective practice.

In the future, you’ll be able to re-assess your skills, see your progression and re-consider your development goals.

Who can use mySkills?

All University of Sheffield students can access mySkills through Career Connect, available via MUSE, and you can continue to access for 3 years after you graduate

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