Analytics Laboratory

The Analytics Laboratory has a wide range of equipment that allows the characterisation of gas and liquid mixtures.

One of the most widely used characterisation techniques is gas chromatography, the essential parts of which are the oven, carrier gas, syringe and detector, all of which feature in the laboratory. 

Another example of the lab’s analytical equipment is the ion chromatograph, which allows the ions to be identified and their concentrations determined. It works by monitoring the progress of light through a solution with a dissolved component and is particularly useful for detecting very low concentrations. In addition, there is a range of equipment introducing fundamental principles of chemical engineering. For example, the laboratory contains a test apparatus to determine how mixing in a stirred tank depends upon the paddle used, speed and presence of baffles. 

You'll conduct experiments by adding a small volume of salt solution to a large tank of water, and then determining how long it takes for the tank concentration to reach a steady-state. Finally, there is an extensive range of laboratory equipment that covers areas of study such as acid/ base titrations, measurement of activation energy, synthesis of chemicals, fuel cells and renewable energy. The facilities also include a range of gases available through a manifold and four fume cupboards. 

Continuous crystallizer 

Continuous crystallizer

Crystallization is an important unit operation in the Pharmaceutical industry used to produce high value product. Traditionally, this process is performed in batch mode, which results in product variability between batched as well as low productivity. In recent years, the Pharmaceutical industry started to move toward continuous process, due to the higher consistency in product quality and high production rate. Continuous crystallization has advantages in terms better consistency, controlled size and morphology of crystals and higher yield in comparison to the batch crystallization.

The continuous crystallizer is a key piece of equipment in the Analytics Lab. It is embedded in the undergraduate curriculum to deliver practical sessions based on the up to date challenges in the industry.

In the Analytics Laboratory, you'll offer access to a wide range of equipment that is essential to your understanding of the fundamental principles of chemical engineering.

You will learn:

  • Synthesis of chemicals, fuel cells and renewable energy
  • Determine the concentration of ions and measure activation energy
  • Characterisation and processing of mixtures.

What other equipment is in the lab?

  • 2 x Ion Chromatographs (for the analysis of Anions in aqueous solutions)
  • 2 x Low Resolution Gas Chromatographs with 1 metre glass packed 3mm I.D. columns for solvent/alcohols analysis.

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