CBE research commended at international industry awards ceremony

Awards and commendations were presented to companies and individuals who have made the greatest contribution to delivering the benefits of AD and biogas across the UK and around the world.

Professor William Zimmerman

Prof Will Zimmerman (pictured) and Pratik Desai's project 'Anaerobic Digestion Cycle - Sustainably Intensified Anaerobic Digestion with Novel Biogas Sweetening' was highly commended in the best project of the year category at the annual AD & Biogas Industry Awards.

The ceremony was jointly organised by the UK Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) and the World Biogas Association (WBA), and was held at the end of the first day of UK AD & World Biogas Expo 2018, the world’s largest tradeshow dedicated solely to AD and biogas.

The project which achieved 2nd out of 200 was funded by the joint InnovateUK/EPSRC programme "Energy Catalyst",  it builds on earlier work (Al-Mashhadani MKH, Wilkinson SJ, Zimmerman WB), Carbon dioxide rich microbubble acceleration of biogas J production in anaerobic digestion. Chemical Engineering Science 156 (2016) 24–35. ) which achieved more than double the biogas production rate than without microbuble injection. 

Project outline; 

Perlemax Ltd

Desai-Zimmerman Anaerobic Digestion Cycle - Sustainably Intensified Anaerobic Digestion with Novel Biagas Sweetening.

Desai-Zimmerman Anaerobic Digestion (DZ AD) Cycle has three novel innovations intensifying AD in a sustainable manner by i. increasing biogas production rate multiple fold, ii. enhancing methane by biogas sweetening, iii. fertiliser production-ammonium carbamate/carbonate salts. The project has been designed to work as a 2m3 batch process or used with a much larger scale system - attached as aside arm for a retrofit with a throughput of 24m3/h. This is a combination of two PoC awards - fully or partly funded or assisted by Viridor ( Marcus DuPree Thomas) for Desai and Zimmerman and lnnovateUK funded pilot scale AD intensification plant as an EnergyCatalyst Award.