Electrons to High Value Chemical Products

A new project lead by Professor Styring will be looking to develop mobility fuels and other valuable chemicals using carbon dioxide emissions.

Professor Peter Styring
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Professor Peter Styring has been awarded an Interreg project under the 2 Seas Programme of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

In the E2C (electrons to chemicals) project, seven partners from the coastal areas of the 2 Seas region combine renewable energy with strong industrial activity. The Programme area covers the coastal regions along the Southern North Sea and the Channel area. Four different Member States are involved: England, France, the Netherlands and Belgium, and the total area represents a total of 88,000 square kilometres. This makes it one of the largest cross-border Programmes in Europe. 

This is a very important project for the UK and partners in Western Europe in particular, but also globally."

Professor Peter Styring 

The E2C project will look to build pilot scale capacity to develop mobility fuels and other valuable chemicals using carbon dioxide emissions as the carbon source.  Dr Peter Sanderson and Katy Armstrong from the Department have been appointed as researchers on the project. 

By the end of this project two highly flexible pilot demonstrators will be built for conversion of CO2 with renewable energy and hydrogen to fuels and platform chemicals.

Professor Styring commented:

"A new report will soon be published that will identify the need for synthetic mobility fuels to replace fossil fuels; speed of delivery is key tomeeting greenhouse gas reduction targets. This project will look to deliver within the next three years."

This will provide solutions to the challenges of, handling renewable energy surpluses, diversifying feedstocks in the chemical industry, reducing greenhouse gas emissions in energy intensive industry, meeting societal and regulatory demands on advanced fuels and sustainable chemicals."

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