Fixing the earth's climate

Professor Peter Styring is developing a carbon capture and utilisation recycling pilot scheme with Tata Steel.

Professor Peter Styring

Recycling CO2

A new approach to fixing the earth's climate is carbon capture and storage (CCS).

CCS involves collecting carbon dioxide emissions from coal or gas fired power stations or steel plants and storing it underground.

Professor Peter Styring, of the University of Sheffield, is developing a carbon capture and utilisation (CCU) pilot scheme with Tata Steel in Port Talbot in South Wales which effectively recycles CO2.

The scheme involves setting up a plant on-site which converts the firm's carbon emissions into fuel using the plant's waste heat, according to Prof Styring.

We have a source of hydrogen, we have a source of carbon dioxide, we have a source of heat and we have a source of renewable electricity from the plant.  We're going to harness all those and we're going to make synthetic fuels.

Professor Peter Styring

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