Department wins two Gold Awards for Green Impact

CBE is delighted to announce that it has won two Gold Awards for Green Impact.  This is the first time that the department has won gold for its achievement towards Green Impact and a bonus gold award for its Laboratories.  It is also the only Department in the Faculty of Engineering to win two Gold Awards.  

The Green Impact is a scheme set up by the National Union of Students with the aim of encouraging universities to become more environmentally friendly in their operations. The Department has been involved in the scheme since 2012 winning a Bronze and Silver respectively. 

The Department's Green Impact team identified greening opportunities, set up Green Impact signage and encouraged recycling, waste reduction and energy awareness. Team members across the Department have included academics, administrators and technical staff in addition to student support assistants.

This year the team (as above left to right) consisted of James Grinham (Lab Technician) Megan Dixon (Student Assistant), Euan Berry (Student Assistant) and Mark Jones (Lab Technician) helping to achieve both awards.